What’s great about mass timber?
What’s great about mass timber?

Engineered mass timber is great working material for an architect, as it is precise, robust and light, and as such, well usable also in large projects. More importantly modular use of it enables scalability and efficient prefabrication, with significant effect on quality, construction time and cost. Modular mass timber is one of key construction methods in making timber as structural material more affordable and competitive, and enabling wider application of it within building sector in general.

The material is excellent in its environmental qualities. As renewable material, the used wood is grown back fast in the Nordic forests, and the carbon that it has captured from the atmosphere during its growth period is stored in the wooden structure. The manufacturing process is also more environmentally friendly compared to other non-renewable materials used for similar purposes.

As hygroscopic material, mass timber can balance heat and humidity variations and contribute to pleasant indoor climate when treated correctly. Due to its building mass and heat capacity, the material also stores heat, moderating the negative effect during heat peak periods. Due to its low thermal conductivity it contributes to the insulating performance of the building envelope, and thermal bridges can be avoided.

Aesthetically the material has similar positive qualities as any wooden material, and it therefore often desirable to leave the material exposed in the interiors. Timber has positive effect on our cognitive skills, calming our stress levels and improving concentration abilities. It is pleasant and warm to touch, making it psychologically inviting surface.

After its use modular mass timber can easily be reused or recycled. Modules can be dismounted and the units or their parts can be reused for another building in another location. After multiple uses wood can still always be reused once more as a source of energy or as a source for biological ingredients.