Soulmade Helsinki
Soulmade Helsinki

We were invited by an international hotel operator to design a proposal for a mixed-use hotel to a vacant plot with extraordinary shape and specifications in Taivallahti, next to the famous Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki. In this two-stage competition our proposal was one of the finalists.

The massing concept of our scheme takes advantage of the unique qualities of the plot, being surround by the sea and green landscape. Due to simple star shape form, four wings of the building infiltrate into the green like fingers, making it possible to enjoy these views all around the building. At the same time different natural landscape situations are created outside, which correspond in their character to the desired atmosphere in the interiors.

The taller building volume consisting of the rooms defines boundaries for a more quiet and private landscape in the northern side, whereas the lower volume with shared and social functions enjoys views to an open meadow landscape, and it connects the building with the social activities on and around the beach area. The overall presence is kept low and horizontal, respecting the shoreline and enhancing the presence of nature.

In order to fully enjoy the views into the surroundings, all key shared activities are arranged along the building perimeter. These areas are accessed centrally and served both functionally and technically from the center. Clients are free to choose spaces of their choice, the desired atmosphere and the landscape views. Two main panorama views are opened to the visitors: view to the sea from the wellness area, and a view to the Nordic pine forest from the living room.

The shared spaces intertwine seamlessly into each other in both wellenss and living room areas. Spaces are flexible and multiple activities can be performed simultaneously, as the perimeter is free from confining walls. Boundaries between different atmospheres are created using spatial and furnishing arrangements, plants and acoustic features rather than walls.

The delivery and parking are organized underground, and due to a central arrival point the distribution of goods, traffic and circulation can perform logically in their own sections and without long distances. The rooms are accessed using centrally located lifts, the kitchen and the bar in the shared spaces are serviced by their own cargo lift.

The use of concrete is limited to the basement. The amount of watertight concrete is minimized for environmental and economic reasons by concise spatial allocation in the basement and by raising the parking spaces above the flooding level. All super terranean construction is wooden, modular and prefabricated for both environmental reasons and economic efficiency. Two systems are used for structural clarity: a modular glulam column and beam system with spatial roofing units in the lower construction, and a system of spatial CLT module units with assembled wooden roofing elements in the taller construction.

Location:Helsinki, Finland
Client:Soulmade Hotels
Competition:2019, finalist in two stage competition
Gross Floor Area:12 300 m2
Architecture:Toni Yli-Suvanto Architects
Structure:Sweco Structures
Fire Safety:Markku Kauriala
Landscape:Nomaji Landscape Architects
Visualisation:Toni Yli-Suvanto Architects