Villa Pahte
Villa Pahte

Dramatic appearance of the artic Scandinavian Mountains, the unique arctic landscape and the local materials served as inspiration in this private project, for the architectural solutions both in large and small scale.

The project consists in three building masses: a main building with a loft and a basement garage, a terrace with basement storage rooms and a sauna building with a loft. The volumes are set in a dialog with the magnificent Saana Mountain, facing the site across a shallow valley in one hand, and with the Peaks of the Scandinavian Mountains across the local lake on the other.

Although the detailed plan of the local municipality dictates the direction of the building volumes to be parallel to the adjacent access road, grand views of the Saana Mountain can be enjoyed at ease as the building volumes are cut on this side diagonally, perpendicularly towards the mountain, making the Saana present in all main functional areas.

In contract to this, the terrace follows the direction of the buildings and the access road, protruding directly towards the Peaks of the Scandinavian Mountains across the local lake. Also the geometry of the interior spaces follows this direction, offering intrigue views towards the Peaks within the buildings.

The main floors are constructed using mass timber structures for the reasons of aesthetic appeal, healthy indoor air, and environmental qualities. The energy performance is improved by using additional wooden insulation and particularly secure connection details, designed for harsh artic winter conditions. The buildings are operated by using local ground heat and solar energy.

Location:Arctic Scandinavian Mountains
Architecture:Toni Yli-Suvanto Architects
Structural design:Insinööritoimisto Oikarainen Oy, concrete structures
Honkatalot Oy, timber structures
HVAC design:Insinööritoimisto ETC Oy
Electrical design:Tateplan Oy, Ykkösähkö Oy
Visualisation:Toni Yli-Suvanto Architects